You can participate in the development and implementation of a National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights in Pakistan through various means. Whether you are a Business Owner, Business Manager, Employee, Member of Civil Society, Academic, Lawyer, Government Official, or Consumer, a variety of options are available to you to make an impact on the issue of Human Rights in the Business Context. The following are just some of the ways you can participate in this national endeavour:

  • Provide feedback and recommendations for the draft National Action Plan.
  • Inform yourself and those around you about Human Rights in the context of Business in Pakistan. The resources section on this website is a good starting point but conduct your own research and speak to those most affected by business activity.
  • Participate in the nation-wide consultation sessions organized by the Ministry of Human Rights as well as other concerned stakeholders.
  • Organize your own information sessions, conferences, and working groups on Business and Human Rights to ensure awareness about human rights issues that arise as a result of business activity in Pakistan. Submit your findings to us through this website.
  • Help to highlight the voices of marginalized segments of society impacted by business activity.
  • Document specific human rights concerns arising out of business activity in Pakistan and submit them to the Ministry of Human Rights to ensure inclusion in the National Action Plan.
  • Business owners and Managers should talk to their employees, especially those they do not regularly interact with to understand what are the issues that impact their lives and how can their concerns be addressed.
  • Tell us about the positive work your Business or other organization is undertaking to ensure the protection of human rights for those impacted by your work.
  • Lawyers can help by identifying gaps in the law aimed at protecting the rights of workers, consumers, and others impacted by business activity.